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Back here again – wandering along the sandy shore of the beach of his past. There were memories ingrained into every speck of sand that crunched like autumn leaves under his hooves.  He had run under this sky – run under it when it was black and desolate, when the Voyd had stretched out his great power and ripped the sun from their sky. Ripped the stars from their place and scattered all hope to the wind. He had run under it when the gods restored the balance, when Solis had been torn in a mighty blast of light and suddenly the world was set afire once more. It had been the place where Salem had flourished and been broken all at once.

He had met Tanith on this beach. He had lost Cyrus here.

Not on this beach, Cyrus had been massacred in a place that no longer existed. His bones had decayed and been ground to dust and that dust had been obliterated by Sol. But this place – Liridon – it would always be a part of him, a part of Cyrus. Just like it was a part of Entia and Lucian.

He should have gone to Ilir, and secretly there was a small part of his heart that longed to stand along the rocky cliff edge of his old home and look out across the ocean, the cold moorland and pine forests at his back and nothing but a vast open horizon to feast his eyes. Instead he decides to stay here, along the calmer reaches of the rolling waves. The Beach was a place for newcomers – and although he was not a newcomer he could be classed as new again. Reborn.

Overhead Tivus calls, circling, white wings stretched out to catch the warm updrafts, the wind currents carrying him over the ocean. Salem lifts his eyes to watch, and then, gently: Tivus. It is a whisper, spoken mind to mind with his bonded creature, and Tivus does not need ears to hear the word. Another cry, and he descends, landing as carefully as he can on Salem’s neck, sharp claws catching his thick mane.

“This is it” Salem shuts his eyes, for a moment he is content,

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