|OPEN| cathedral of the breastbone

No rank - Adult
Played by Sabrina

With his eyes closed, Rienzi drinks in the smell of the sea. He can feel a resistance, borne of his own anxiety, as his rib cage struggles to expand. The footfalls of the stranger are lost under the sound of rolling waves, but his smell is a surprising addition to the ocean breeze.

Rienzi opens his eyes and turns his head to find another horse, not unlike him in appearance, staring inquisitively back at him. The other horse is dark-colored, with streaks of red in his mane and a horn, much like his own, protruding from his forehead. Rienzi searches the other face for any spark of familiarity but finds nothing. This must be a stranger.

"Where am I?", Rienzi asks. Maybe if this stranger can tell him where he is, the name of the place will generate some memory.

Reinzi turns his gaze out to sea. As he sees the sun, sinking below the horizon and setting the surface of the water aflame, he remembers fire. His eyes go wide, lighting up with the orange flare. There is feeling of fear linked to the memory of fire. Is he afraid of the fire or is he afraid of something else? Rienzi isn't so sure.

Young Adult, 16.2 hh, Unicorn, Stallion, Sabrina


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