|OPEN| your catharsis is beautiful.

- 20 Years
Played by siat-s
The stars were like pinpricks in the sky above her as she stood fetlock deep in the beach sand. She barely noticed them, the galaxy wheeling above her in all its cosmic influence--something had caught her attention. Whatever it was lurked in the dunes not far off from her, while a slight breeze rustled through the salty grass. The skinny mare, antlered and a tangle of bones and too-long fur, shuddered. 

It had followed her from the meadow. 

She could smell it, taste it. It hid in the tall grass, waiting for her to let down her guard and take her like an eagle takes a rabbit. Her nostrils quivered in a heavy, rattling snort as her curled ears trained on the spot in the sand and grass she knew it lurked. A brief moment of respite found her as the moon sailed gaily out from behind a cloud--but the moon brought with her more shadows for the creature to hide itself away in.

She should run. 

But the beach sand wasn’t meant for a get-away sprint. Instead, Wendigo could only stand shaking, fear lacing its way through her red mortal heart like a drug. Muscles taught, hair risen along her spine; the tall mare was, as always, the prey to her monster’s predator: a deer caught in headlights.

She only hoped it wouldn’t hurt when the inevitable crash came.

never wake; never wake from this coma.

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