Impostor Syndrome

- Immortal
Played by Emberling
A r d o n

The Blacksmith

He felt like an imposter, so fake and just... wrong. This look, this body, it wasn't him at all, but neither was anything else. Nothing felt like it was the right fit, the right look. The last he'd been here - Liridon, his workshop, the valley - he felt right. He was correct and everything was as it should be. But for some reason, he couldn't seem to get that back, no matter how hard he'd tried.

It had exhausted him, in fact.

And so, Ardon lay within the temple, looking as unkempt as the rest of the place; fitting, really. Why exactly he was here he didn't know. He didn't want to see his brethren but he sure as the sun didn't want to go back to his workshop - not until he felt fit for returning to his craft - and so on his way out, he'd stopped to look at the old fountain that represented them all and everything just sort of... Drifted away.

Grey eyes open from their momentary closure, only for him to find that it hadn't been momentary at all. In fact, the sun that had been up the last he'd seen the sky had now vanished and moonlight filled the area. Not being himself, his true self, was exhausting, but he had no true self anymore...

A defeated sigh escapes him as he pushes himself back up onto his feet and he gives his shoulders a roll to reposition the ratty excuse of a coat properly over his back. Still, he didn't move to walk away, not yet, and instead stands there and stares at the fountain in silence.

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