Softwhisper Family

Nose Booper - 30
Played by Angie
Older sibling and one younger one of @Adelaide coming very soon.

Elder Softwhisper Sibling:
Quinn Softwhisper
26 years old
Breed here
Ref here Here though if you really don't like it you can use your own ref just post with it below with applying for the adoptable in this thread.
Notes: Left the family herd to find Ade to make sure she stays safe also wanted to return to Dalmat.

Arrow Softwhisper
4 years old
Breed here
Ref here Here. Same as brother's ref above.
Notes: Followed Quinn without anyone noticing.
Nose Booper - 30
Played by Angie
So my new character @Roark has joined the site. He is an immortal with an interesting past. He serves an immortal mare named Jasmine Von Laclai who isn't just his mistress but like a second mother to him and she even adopted him after she helped him also become immortal. I am looking to maybe bring her to the site. There are a few things about her that can't be changed. Her name, but you can call her by a nickname and just have that she was born Jasmine Von Laclai in her history. She was already a grandmother when Roark saved her turning a battle in a burning forest. They where from different sides but she was the grandmother to her side's king so Roark was allowed to live and be her servant. Who over time she just sort of let wander and do his own thing. However, like him she must have wings (OR she can have wind magic that allows her to fly). I don't have a ref for her so adopter gets to pick one or wait until I get a chance to make one.