Designs for giveaway

Nose Booper - 30
Played by Angie
Hi. So I like to make designs but I don't wanna make a million characters, plus I'd love to interact with characters who have these designs. Therefore I am posting designs for giveaway. There is only two rules for these.

1. DO NOT SELL DESIGN(S) FOR USD/CAD/MONEY/POINTS (I have had people do this even with this rules and it is so annoying and rude)
2. Please only play them on Liridon and if you feel you just must play them elsewhere ask first.
2b. Must be willing to thread with me if you make them a character. (Not really a rule just polite. XD )

There would be too many images and I don't want to crash anyone's comp. Therefore the st.ash folder with them all can be found in the link below.

You can name the character whatever you like they just have random names because I didn't want to name them one, two, three, etc... 
Now unlike my other adoption thread which has plots attached to them these designs are just that designs. They have no premade plots, but I'd love to plot with people if you are interested. I  mean in order to claim a design post below stating which design you are claiming. Just please don't claim designs just to hoard them. If you aren't going to play one let someone else have it. Unless you have to hold on to a design for a baby or something. That is okay of course. c: