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Son of Ilir - 25
Played by Collie
"the prodigal son returns" a voice teases him from up above and for a moment Salem thinks it is Entia, or Lucian - he knows that they are both lurking in this forest. But it is neither, it is Tivus, the white-tailed kite had followed him from the lake to Ilir without him even noticing, and Salem could feel his shoulders relax. He hadn't even realised he had tensed them until that moment. Maybe the idea of coming face to face with his fathers again was too much for him, even if he had already bumped into Entia on the beach. For some reason, and he cannot fathom why, he feels as if he had let them down. He was their only remaining son now that Cyrus was...well, their only remaining son. He should have done more with this life; become more.  Instead he spends his time wandering, day dreaming, smiling at pretty ladies and making conversation with stranger.

In a way prodigal son was pretty accurate.

He smiles at Tivus anyway.  “Well- I thought it was about time I stuck my head in,” rolling his shoulders he continues, deeper into Ilir's forest, and Tivus floats down from his place in the trees to sit on Salem's shoulders. It hadn't changed much, the forest was still dark and twisting and comforting, easy for him to navigate, fresh with life and luscious with undergrowth. Enki and Alia and Ceib had done a good job of keeping Ilir healthy. "Your fathers are here," Tivus continues, turning his head from side to side, watching the forests shadows almost wearily, where as Salem simply plows ahead, no fear, nothing but contentment. He picks a well known path through the forest, his legs moving automatically, until the trees finally break and give way to a few tens of meters of open moorland. It is as if the trees knew that beyond the moorland there was the sharp cliff face, and below that rolling tumbling seas. 

“I know,” A pause
"Are you going to go see them?"
“No, they can wait, lets just...lets just enjoy this,” 

Salem's eyes flutter shut and he takes in a deep breath, cold salty air stings the back of his throat but fill him with a sense of joy. This is home. 
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Nomad - 28
Played by Lyremont

It had rained in the night. The ivory pegasus walked slowly through the sodden forest. The ground gave easily beneath her light footfalls, which she placed carefully as she moved along. Somewhere beyond the canopies floated the late morning sun, but she couldn't feel the warm rays upon her coat. The thought kept her moving forward. Though she normally felt at home in the forest, all she could think about was how the current state of it fit her somber mood. She'd grown uncharacteristically melancholy recently do to losses that she never imagined would ever happen. Still, the sun managed to cheer her up, if only a small amount. She stopped for a moment to listen as birds sang overhead, giving a frown as their movements rained droplets of water down upon her. "Oh, perfect..." she muttered to herself, shaking her head and ruffling her wings for a moment before smoothing them along her back again. Sighing, she put the birds to the back of her mind and continued on.

Each step she took was deliberate, for she did not see the same as others. Eyes closed, she used each step to sense vibrations in the earth. She saw the world around her through these vibrations, allowing her to see beyond the limits of traditional sight. She could see the ground around her, the trees that towered above her, and all of the creatures that dwelled within the forest. In perfect conditions, she could see for miles. The soft ground lessened that only slightly, so she could still sense the hills and the cliffs ahead. She chose to head that way in hopes of meeting the sun again. As she drew closer, she sensed new vibrations - that of another equine. A male, judging by "sight" and smell. The thought of danger would have normally crossed her mind, but for the moment she remained unconcerned. Walking up toward the other as he spoke quietly to the bird that sat on his shoulders, she kept a respectful distance. She turned her head toward him, "looking" though her eyes remained closed. "Pardon me, monsieur, I do not mean to intrude." Her French-accented words flowed smoothly off her tongue. "Would you mind if I took a moment to take in the sunshine?" She turned her head toward the sky, feeling the strengthening sun rays on her coat as the clouds cleared from the sky.

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Son of Ilir - 25
Played by Collie
Tivus see's her before Salem does, but that isn't unusual, the kite is usually more alert than his larger companion and Salem had made a habit out of relying on Tivus's sharp eyesight. "Salem," the bird hisses, his sharp blue eyes watching the Pegasus approach. Salem flicks an ear towards Tivus, and then towards Luxe, catching the sound of her hooves against the forest floor, and then - her voice, heavily accented but polite.

He didn't think that anyone else was in this forest yet. Well, anyone that wasn't related to him.

For a moment he is distracted by the wings on her back, they are magnificent, softly feathered and white like snow. Then he is drawn from her wings to the splatter of red across her chest, not new blood, he couldn't smell it, but still a little alarming. Her eyes were shut - not the weirdest thing Salem had come across in Liridon, but still strange. “You're not intruding at all,” Salem responds.

He doesn't tell her that he is secretly grateful that she has come along, another excuse for him to stay away from his father's for even longer. Another distraction from the world, look Cyrus, look at how social Salem is being. Wouldn't this surprise you, brother. When Salem was younger he'd only really talk to Mina, or Michael, he'd rarely have time for anyone else.

She too turns her head to the sky, face towards the sun, and since her eyes are still close Salem takes a moment to study the pale lines of her face, before his blue eyes are drawn back down to the blood splattered marking. “I wasn't expecting to find someone else here,” he comments after a few moments of silence, “What brings you to Ilir?”

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