|PRIVATE| field of reeds

- Ageless ; 30
Played by Emberling
Khaa Se-isi Bakari
Priest of Ma'at

Sati is trying with all her might to not cackle. These two were honestly the most hilarious pair and she was loving it. Every little thing that was said or done just made her wicked little brain tick as she thought of impossible ways to mess with them both. It was certainly hard to keep the smirk from her lips, but at least it was dark and she had her head down low.

"N-no need to be sorry."  Khaa frowns a moment, "I didn't mean it in a negative way... So, I suppose, I should apologise for the way I said it."  The egyptian is most certainly not good at this, and how he ever managed to raise Akoren or even do his job properly was starting to become a mystery! He was never this awkward or unsure, and it annoyed him that he felt like this; of course, made worse by Sati's little comments or occasional giggle. And he knew she was trying not to laugh right now. He just knew.

Still, he tries not to move around now that they are all settled enough for sleep, and a small smile hidden in the darkness tugs at his lips at the little comment. He had said that every night to Akoren, even long after she was grown, and it gave him comfort in a way he hadn't expected.

"la bas , 'ana huna."  The strange words come out in Khaa's deep yet soft with sleep tone as a dim glow begins to fill their little spot, the gold disc above the man's antlers offering its gentle warmth and comfort. Sati, too, has woken and is sitting upright, ears alert in case it had been something around them that had startled Nuage awake. Ruby gaze rests upon the younger man, sleepy yet concerned, "You okay?" 


Every night the battle between chaos and creation must go on,
otherwise the world will be destroyed.
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