Battle older than time! Sins vs. Saints

Nose Booper - 30
Played by Angie
There is a balance in this world. One that says where their is light there is dark, but where there is darkness their is those who cloak themselves in sin. They are members of the Sin Familia a family not always by blood, but by respect. Each member of the family's core ranks are claimed by a council member chosen by their leader Kaukas. The original seven came together through their time in the underbelly of a land that no longer exists. Their method of choice for a meeting ground? The fighting ring. Each member of Sin Familia can pull their own weight. They can give a beating as well as take one as well even if they each do things in their own way. Be it the same or differently from each other. The Sin Familia is referred to say Sinners by their leader, as well as to each others. Sinners are only those seven that make up leadership, their underlings are referred to as Sins.

Wrath - TAKEN - BOSS
Gluttony - DEAD - CLOSED (for now will fill ic) - SIXTH
Sloth - OPEN - SEVENTH (will always be lowest of the seventh)

Those of Wrath are ranked as Fury; they are spitfires, who need to be tough skinned to deal with the fury that is Wrath. They know when to speak up, shut up and hide so they aren't murdered in their boss's rage fits.
Those of Greed are known as Avarice; They are cunning. Debt collectors for Greed, often thought as thugs to those who choose not to pay after playing with Greed.
Those of Pride are known as Hubris; they are confident and full of themselves. Always carry themselves with pride, and often come across as cocky.
Those of Lust are known as Lover; they are what most would assume. Beautiful. They don't really follow any other pattern then that. In fact they could fall into a sin better under another, but often times have been won from another sin by Lust. Or where simply a rose plucked by Lust quicker then another.
Those of Envy are known as Jealousy; they are known for their scheming. Always working on away to get something someone else has be it for themselves or for Envy.
Those of Gluttony are known as Hunger; they are always hungry for something. Be it blood, food, knowledge, etc. Those with Gluttony dead it is suspected that one of the Hungers shall be getting promoted. A rank they all hunger for.
Those of [u]Sloth[/b] are known as Accidie; they are often the most intelligent of all the underlings. The nerds, or losers as some might call them. Though more often then not they are inventing new ways to make things easier so that they don't have to work as hard just like Sloth.

SO WAIT WHAT? WHO IS FOR ADOPTION? SINNERS OR SINS? Well to put it simply … both. As well as a few slaves thought the Sin Familia refers to slaves as Pit Fighters. Please note all the Sinners are immortal, but they can be killed of course.

There are NO set characters already made for adoption. However, I have a bunch of designs for adoption that can be used for either a Saint, a sinner or a pit fighter/slave.

Sin Familia is recovering loses from a war against their arch enemy the Sainthood Knights.