- 18
Played by Emberling
the Lumienscent Lake

A smile, genuine and happy, pull the corners of lips and a slight nod of the head is given at his decision, "I look forward to it, then!" Even those bright eyes had closed in that happy expression kind of way. Eyes then open after a few moments, after which they widen slightly in surprised realisation. Name!

Then a giggle. The bubbly sound happy and amused.

"Well, it is, really... In a way." The smile turns into a cheeky smirk, "Mizumi. It means lake. Mizu on its own means water. So... My name is, more or less, water."

That child-like glee he had shown was apparently infectious, and given such a perfect chance with his question, Mizumi merely couldn't help it. Besides, it was true, after all! The soft bubbling sounds subsided as the giggling did, and Mizumi merely shrugged both shoulders, "I was pulled into form in a lake that belonged to a shrine of a... hmm... I think they were referred to as Gods.... He was dark but was aligned with fire. Helios. But, that's all I know of him. I was formed, and left alone."

Whether that would help Dawson understand or not, Mizumi didn't know.

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