Loa Code

- Immortal
Played by Second Chances
Name: Loa Code

Age: Immortal

Gender: Stallion

Build/Breed: Warmblood 

Alliance: Dalmat

Other Characters: None
Played by


@Loa Code- Everything looks good! We just need you to put some kind of credit down for the reference image in the 'other' option of the profile. Im not sure if Pariah has DA anymore. If you know the link you can add it :D

-- Liridon

- Immortal
Played by Second Chances
I don't know her da but I can try to ask around
Played by Me, myself and I


@Loa Code - So lovely to see him!! Go have fun and post!! 

Your first post is encouraged to be at the Beach but it can be on any of the in character forums. Enjoy Liridon!

-- Liridon