Celestial Architect - 24
Played by Madii
the celestial architect

Hooves slammed into the ground as she walked through the valley. Looking for her brother, she wondered where he had gone. In the back of her mind she though he had done this on purpose. The nerve. It was like as soon as I got here he just disappeared. She admitted it was nice, but she missed him, and wanted to see where he was, what he had, who he was with if anyone. So she can take it.

harks perked as she listened, he was close, she could feel it. Eyes narrowed as she waited for him to come into view. ”Lucent! Get out here! Where have you been! What have you been doing!?” She was curious, wanting to know if he had come across anything good...or pretty.

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- Ageless ; 25
Played by Emberling
the celestial architect

“You don’t have to yell, what are you, a child?” Lucent’s slightly irritated voice came from behind her, and he gave a snort of indignation as he strode past her. “And, last I checked, you weren’t… what’s the phrase... Ah,” he trails off only briefly as he thinks, then smirks ever so slightly, “not my mother.” Considering they didn't have a mother, he'd never used the phrase before but had heard it said in many places and cultures.

There was no way in the void he was going to tell her where he’d been, and *certainly* not what he’d been doing! She would want what he had and would likely stop at nothing to take it, but that was something he wasn’t going to let her do. Not this time. And so, he simply gave a nonchalant shrug as he walked passed her.

“I was researching.” It wasn’t even a lie, either. He had been doing exactly that the entire time, it just wasn’t always at the forefront of what he was doing. “And what were you doing this whole time then, hm? Was my daaaarling sister just soooo lost without me she couldn’t stand the thooought of being parted?” This last part is spoken in a semi-childish sarcastic tone as he looks at her with big puppy eyes, before snorting in laughter.

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