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Until the 19th of December, reply here with the below form to enter - submit some art you'd like to potentially see as a skin for Liridon. This art needs to be at minimum 1920px wide so it will fit on the screen. When the 19th arrives, we will run a poll to decide upon the new image for the skin - and others will be kept aside for future use too! Depending on the entries, we'll see who else. With a new skin done, we will be looking to advertise more and probably begin the hunt for leaders of the Kingdoms.

You can submit more than one - each will have its own vote on the final poll!

So, submit art using the form and let's bring some new colour to Liridon!

You have until the 19th of December to submit art!

OOC Name:
Entries for Banner: (you must own/have permission to submit the art you are!)

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<b>Entries for Banner:</b>