|PRIVATE| I was made for loving you [keanu]

- 18
Played by Sam
They stand there. Pale and golden in the sun of the Meadow while a decision hinges on their lips, shakes in their legs, and thrashes in their souls. The champagne looks at him with eyes speckled with icy blue. She is pale and shaking there, her emotions, her heart, they all lay bare before him. Davina has never felt so utterly exposed in her entire life. They have not written themselves a fairytale, the ones Davina grew up with, begging her mother to tell her over and over again. She thinks that day was utterly fake, in the snow, underneath the branches of the aspens. Did he mean the words he said? They rise to the surface of her skin and she feels feverish. The want, the need in her eyes stings, and Davina only realizes it is because she is holding back tears that pool beneath her eyes like water in the tide pools. She wants to say I need you, because she does, she wants to say she wants him because she has never wanted anything more in her life. And she wants nothing more than to throw caution to the wind and run, run in any direction because it didn't matter if he was beside her, Keanu led the way, always had.

How can he simply be there, standing, when he had hurt her so terribly. He had taken her heart, her soul, her body, and mind and crumbled it all to pieces until she lay there on the ground, her stars dimmed out completely. Happiness bled from her until heartbreak and sorrow remained. But she knows why he stands there now, she has known it all along. They are mirrors, their feelings reflected in each other’s eyes like perfect matches—and it is tragically beautiful.

Her head is buried in his shoulder and places a kiss and a smile because he feels so good against her skin. There are no words for a moment and time passes as such. For what feels like the first time forever, Davina breathes a sigh of relief, worries expelled from her lungs in a single, quiet breath of air. And perhaps, despite the tears, despite the anger that has not yet left the air, echoes of shouts and words intended to sting, they look beautiful there, Davina cradled so perfectly against the crowned prince. She is enveloped in the immensity that is Keanu, no longer do they stand at the same size, Davina so much more delicate and petite than the stallion that has grown before her. And she angles that graying face to him, twisting so that she might better admire him, and Davina despite herself, despite being sworn, despite all the things she has thought, the promise she has made, all the secrets she has kept, the lies she has told, she looks so innocent and heartbroken, chasing after the boy next door. (Isn’t it always?) Perwinkle eyes, Oren had said once, that could break a boy’s heart.

She turns away from him, again, “I want you, I know I do,” she says, and smiles, hoping maybe admitting these feelings she has bottled up, has told herself, been told by her father, by Akela, she cannot feel, might soothe her aching heart. She can almost laugh, despite it all. She has always wondered, who was she compared to Niya, but in the embrace of Keanu, Davina knows she is something special, something great, because he makes her to be so.

An eternity passes.
(And for Davina, it still is not long enough.)

He doesn't need to explain further, Davina knows what he is asking of her, and then his body is against hers once more and everything is—she’s speechless. “I cant be without you,” she says sincerely, a promise that wherever he goes, she will follow, she is undoubtedly his puppet and he holds the strings. “I love you.”

And nothing else mattered.

She finds him on that full moon, her stars shine so bright that those in the sky stare down enviously at the champagne girl. “Keanu,” she breathes as she finds him. “Where do we go from here?”