Whereabouts Unknown

- Immortal ; 25
Played by Emberling

This place was strange, and whilst it was no Esharra or the faelands, it wasn't without its own charm. When the storm had passed and she'd left the cave come dawn, Sabrael took to wandering along the beach aimlessly. She was most certainly lost and more than a little unsure of her situation, but there was no point in panicing about it. Not yet, anyway. Maybe this was all just a dream or some strange illusion or something. Perhaps she'd fallen into a mage's trap and the only way out was to just carry on as if nothing was wrong.

All she knew was that thinking about it too much made her feel sick and her head hurt.

Hence the walk along the beach. The sound of the waves was soothing and the smell of the fresh salty air helped clear her lungs as the sun rose up into the sky. Up ahead seemed to be the end of the beach, which did elicit a saddened sigh from the mare at first, but her curiosity got the better of her and she approached anyway; it was the end, a large rockface blocking her path well out into the water, but to the other side there were trees with what looked like a faint path leading in.

"Well, why not..."

Sabrael turns to travel down the path, for a while being lead away from the water but she could see how the path curved slightly and smiled to herself as she eventually came to an opening to a fairly large and very secluded cove. It wasn't that she wanted to be alone, but the lure of somewhere new and strange was reasonably strong. Besides, this cove was so vibrant, how could she not be drawn in?! The water was so blue and the crest of the waves were so perfectly white, and the sand of the beach was a similar creamy colour to her own skin. It was beautiful.

So much so that it called her in, and so she ran from the treeline down into the cove, down to the water's edge into the shallows, happily kicking up water and sand as she let herself frolick as she would have done were she back in the faelands with the others of her kind.

Where has fate brought you?
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- 10
Played by Sam

She is the image of her paternal grandmother in her younger years. As dark as Aletta ever was, with dark eyes that blaze through the land. She only wishes she were as brave and as strong as she were. Mina will one day grey like her grandmother before her and back and back and back. The grey females in their family can trace back their heritage to Isis, born from the ray of moonbeam. She doesn't think she ever live up to such a story.

Mina is already outgrowing her baby fur and soon she will begin to dapple just as her father had. There is already signs of the grey to come, the rings around her eyes, her muzzle. Mina has always been some sort of anomaly. Mina is cautious, a silent critic, a wishful thinker, counteracting twin’s flippant disregard for any sort of danger. Mina wears melancholy well and will wear the depression she is doomed to acquire better.

Everything is temporary, even immortality, and anger and fear are the easiest emotions to succumb to. Mina has already learned these things in her rather short life. She saw it first hand, by her very powers.

And she regrets every moment of it.

She will never be the same, she has become even more quiet, a recluse, shutting everyone out, even her sister, especially her sister. It is for Maren’s own safety—after what happened. The planet turns beneath her and the sun will come up tomorrow and yet the black has this distinct rock in her stomach that tells her things are not quite that simple. They never would be. There is a part of her that wants to hurt the world back for what it has done to her, like when Tarian bit back Liam. But, in the end, the world didn't care about her pain, or what it had stolen from her. She would only hurt herself in the end, break down trying to get revenge on this cold, unfeeling life that has entrapped her.

The sun dances on her onyx skin with fervent kisses and she squints up at it with dark brown eyes. She stands stark against the sand on the beach. Perhaps she is not as different from Maren in her personality. Maren is quick to jump into things (adventures, friends) and Mina is quick to jump away. And in every other way they are polar opposites.

Mina produces a bouncing trot down the shoreline before stopping a little further away from the water. She had never been a fan of swimming, the way the light hit the water, the shadows it produced underneath, it had always made the dark child…uneasy.

This is when she spies anther on the beach and Mina feels a surge of her grandmother and follows her as she stops her playing to travel down a path. She is usually not so bold. Maybe Maren has left her mark after all. She follows to the cove and stops a good distance behind her. Her heart is aching with sorrow and she so desperately wants to climb into the skin of another.

“Was the water cold?”

She may look like Aletta, but her ability to small talk has come entirely from Brynn.

mina; malachi x kalina; twin to maren
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