talk of summertime [Lucian]

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Played by Sam
I was made for loving you
a wandering girl. wings, wind, fire, immortality

Keanu is perfection like Davina has never seen. She likes to wake up before him in the morning so she may watch him breath. More than once she has caught herself tracing the lines of his strong jaw, or memorizing ever point, dip, and slop of that pointed ensemble atop his champagne crown. One look to him, beside her, either one of them unchained to any other but each other, Davina knows they made the right decision to run away, to cast aside their responsibilities and give themselves only to each other.  She can see it in the rise and fall of his chest and everything, she knows, is perfect.

But, perfectionism is an illusion.

The pale golden girl glides almost silently on her wings of starlight. They sparkle and glisten like ice in the clouds, or snow on a sunny day.  She had simply stated to her mate (oh my goodness, can you believe she is actually calling him that?! Davina could just die of happiness.) That she need to get some flying time in to adjust to her new wings. The same wings she had always admired on her mother, and the same wings that Davina’s own grandmother flew upon. Wings that were at Davina’s beck and call, a gift that had been given to her once she arrived in Liridon. It was this gift that been bestowed upon her, that had given Davina the confirmation that she needed to know that she had made the right choice in coming here. She had ran away from duty and she had chosen love above all else. Davina knows her ancestors would not have blessed her so if the choice she had made had been the wrong one.

Wings grow still as she begins to tilt herself downwards, to the tree line. Flying, surprisingly for a girl so clumsy, had come easily to the girl, much easier than walking. Both her parents had been able to fly, maybe it was in her blood. Her descent is easy and graceful, hooves touch upon the forest soil effortlessly. Those wings of starlight slowly leave, disappearing with a final shimmer as Davina closes her periwinkle eyes for a moment.

She had been thinking more and more about her mother lately. Maybe it was the appearance of her newfound appendages that has her nostalgic, or maybe it is joining with Keanu, but Davina finds her lurking in her thoughts. She misses her. She wants Starlett here to tell her what to do next. Do they start a family? But how is Davina to be a mother when she had no mother to guide her? The luck in both their families was poor. Keanu’s mother left when he had been young as had Davina’s. But, both of them had the strong presence of their fathers to place a hand upon their shoulder and lead them through life, maybe not always correctly (read: arranged marriages), but they were there all the same.

Davina fears not being a good mother.
But, more than that—she fears being an absent one.

d a v i n a ♡

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Played by Collie

Lucian hadn’t left Ilir in a long time, he had grown so used to his own company.

Occasionally he would have the company of his son and the strange judgmental bird that followed Salem around, but there were only so many glares and long suffering sighs that Lucian could sit through before he had had enough. He wished Entia was around more then maybe he would be on his lonesome. It was no wonder he had eventually decided to leave the wooded kingdom behind him and venture further afield.

The rest of the lands seemed just as quiet to him, but at least it was a change of scenery to the usual windswept forest coast of Ilir.

Lucian, unlike many of the lonely creatures that wander the unclaimed lands, does not do so in order to figure out where he was. He was on the search for company. Any company really, but if the company he found were inclined to tell him how amazing he was he’d be even happier.  Pretty company, company that would laugh at his jokes. God he missed Emergency at times like this, and Vlyx, the wild donieta queen whose bite was as bad as her bark and twice as deadly.

When he sets his eyes on the creamy stranger his mouth twists into a grin. Finally, some fucking company. Pretty company too, not that Lucian minds either way, still someone easy on the eyes is better - especially if they end up being awfully dull.

He picks up his pace and makes his way towards her, head lifted high. “That is a serious look on your face, stranger”  he comments, coming to a stop close enough to talk but not close enough to be bitten (just in case he says something to piss her off - this is Lucian after all and the likelihood is high). “Penny for your thoughts?” 
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Played by Sam
I was made for loving you
a wandering girl. wings, wind, fire, immortality

Davina has always tried to be a good daughter and follow directions. Her champagne father demanded that she marry first Oren and then Akela, so she had planned to, but then Keanu found her by the lake and everything changed after that.

So, she failed him in the end. Failed them all.

She never asked to love him.

She never asked to feel him like the north pole feels magnetism, or the tides feel the pull to shore. She never asked to want something so badly, that she would cross oblivion to be closer to him, even if only by fractions. She loved him. Her heart always flutters in that frail bird cage of a chest whenever she thought about him for longer than a moment. “I’m yours,” she had said one night when they ran away together. “To break or keep as you please, I will be yours.” She had said, whispered, like a secret she didn't want anyone to overhear. “And you…” she broke off to catch a glimpse of those impossibly dark and beautiful eyes. “You are mine.”

The sun breaks orange through the trees of the forest and light up that pale golden figure, dappling her hide with sunshine. She lifts her pale golden head skywards to take a look at the seemingly shy sun, but Davina knows just beyond those branches that it is bold and brazen. Davina does not notice Lucian, perhaps she should have, her father always did say she had her heads in the clouds. And, now, her heads are not so much adrift with the blue sky above as they are snuggled up beside Keanu, laying her head on his strong shoulder as it rises and falls with his breathing. Her head is still not where it ought to be, she has just found another day dream to live within.

A voice.

“Oh, who—me?”

Silly girl.

Davina’s body follows her voice as she turns to face the stranger that has found her out here in the woods. And there is a brief moment where she remembers the story her mother told her about the wolf and the little girl. She strayed off the path when she was traveling to her grandmother’s. She met a wolf—and Davina forgets the rest.

She would have done well to remember.

Her smile grows dreamy because he has asked her what she was thinking about, and, as of lately, there has been only one thought on her mind. “Oh, just my boyfriend,” she says, and she is too open for her words. But Davina has lived a life full of love and protection, she has never been concerned for her own safety, why should she start now? Davina has no reason to fear this stranger she believes. The world is a good place, she thinks. “It’s nice to be in love you know?” She says, brags, because Keanu was perfect and he was hers and hers alone now. “Were you thinking about anything?” She asks, innocently enough.

And here is the part where little red riding hood takes a cookie from her basket, so willing to share with the wolf in disguise.

d a v i n a ♡
- 50
Played by Collie

“You were thinking about your boyfriend?” He echoes.

She is thinking about love - a concept Lucian has always struggled with. Romantic love just seemed to slip through his fingers. Sometimes he actively dropped it, sometimes he hurled it as far away from him as he possibly could. He could claim it was because daddy never loved him - mother never loved him either, in fact it was safe to say that the cold looks that he received from his parents, the up turned snarls and " you'll never be good enough"'s was what ruined him. Everyone always thought his father was so perfect, but Lucian saw him for what he really was. A broken man with a bitter heart that didn't care for his children or his wives. He only cared for one woman and everyone else was nothing, even Ilir was nothing in the end. Love, to Lucian, was a big waste of time. Gods he wants to scoff at her, poor little girl and her dreams of happily ever after. Someone should break it to her, this world is shit - it will always be shit. And in the end everyone fucking leaves.

But that's not a very cheery conversation to have, and Lucian sure doesn't give a shit if the ditzy looking mare get her heart broken. He cocks a hind leg and tilts his head to the side a little, lips twisting into a wicked smile. “How sweet.”

He had loved. In many ways and with many different women. Some men too.

He had loved Emergency, in their weird and wonderful flirtatious way. Neither one of them could ever quite bring themselves to be serious about their relationship, neither one could ever commit. Two disasters crashing together and falling apart, beautiful and so goddamn terrible at the same time. He hadn't really loved Vlyx, but gods how he had desired her and to Lucian that was close enough - she'd always danced right out of his reach and he could never forgive himself for letting her slip. He thinks he had loved Kaura - truly loved her, loved her as she got broken by another man and ran into the arms of a third. He wasn't ever good enough for her - they had teased and taunted, joke after joke after jokes and it all lead to nothing.

He knows he loves Entia, not in that way - their friendship is too precious to him to ever be like that. But he would do anything for his friend and if that wasn't love then what was? He loves Salem too - the little brat. He loved Cyrus because his heart had broken when he had died.

What was he thinking about?

He was thinking about how she was going to ruin herself for a man - that she won't feel the same way in a few years, that she'll devote her life to someone and it will never last. 

“I was just thinking that I'd really appreciate some friendly company,” he takes a few steps closer to her, “I've been alone for a long time, and it gets lonely with only the trees to talk to. Can I join you?”

He was thinking that she is sweet, like pie, and eventually someone was going to eat her up.