|OPEN| where mountains are fierce and bold

Nomad - 19 years
Played by LixyLime

She can feel it in that ever-beating heart of hers as it raced wildly within her chest. Something was going to happen today. Did she know what it was that would happen, or even when it might? Well, no… But she knew that something was going to take her somewhere. Again, she doesn’t know where exactly this particular place was, however, such was to be expected when the wild femme had hardly seen anything of this unknown world she and Treska had traveled to. But the when and where didn’t matter. They almost never did. Just like the winds she so often soared upon, their currents unseen although very much felt, such was Fable’s very existence. The woman was as wild as the ocean waves that crashed and collided against the sandy shores she’d first appeared on here in this kingdom. She cared not for where the zephyrs carried her. All she knew was that they would lead her somewhere. And somewhere, there was always something new and wondrous for her to discover. She was not searching for anything. She knew too many who chased after far-fetched dreams, sought a life of fame or fortune with an almost desperate hunger. It was almost like nothing else in the world existed expect for that one grand goal. And then what, if one were to catch that pursued dream? What else would there be in the world that waited for no one? How many once-in-a-lifetime moments would they have passed by without so much as a fleeting thought, only to realize that there was never going to be a second chance? Even in an immortal life, there was still only that one moment in a countless sea of moments that would be like that single moment. And it would be gone.

No. She was not about to waste her life chasing anything. Maybe one day, she might grow lonely. Perhaps she would desire the love of another, want to know what it was like to be loved in a way that she never has been before. Maybe one day, her heart would ache for something beyond her unbridled freedom. There was always the possibility that this gift she held fast and tight to might lose its shine that so captivated her, that she might find herself wanting more than what it could give her. But now was not that time. Today was not that day. And, as far as she could see into her own future, heart, and soul, she was far from ready to lay down her freedom for something she considered to be tamed. Having only just stepped through the threshold into womanhood, the wildflower child borne of two steadfast beings still had so much left in this life to see and feel before she would truly consider the idea of settling into some domestic lifestyle. What good were her raven-feathered wings if she could not use them when the calling beckoned her to fly? She’d left her home to see the world, to taste the sweetest waters and travel to the top of tallest mountain. As a filly, she’d only ever looked beyond the guarded borders of Everyn, her curiosities screaming inside. Even as a child, she had felt the wilds beckon for her, and that call had never gone away or even faded. Like an eternal flame, her love for the world beyond what she knew was fierce. She knew what she wanted even then. It wasn’t the dreamy-eyed colt that asked her if she would ever consider staying instead of leaving like she’d so often told him she would. It wasn’t her closest filly-friend who loved their home too much to ever think of leaving.

It went by other names at times, but to Fable, she called it freedom.

Just on the outskirts of the meadow is where this clear early afternoon takes the femme. Her pink nose wiggles and twitches, long and sabled ears swiveling atop her snowy-white head as she nibbles upon a bright, red fruit unlike anything she’d ever tasted. And much to her luck – and Treska’s frustration when her freinn companion wakes up from her nap to find that Fable has once again taken off without her – she’d managed to find an entire patch of them! Mmmm! Sooo sweet! The small tuft of a black tail wiggles happily upon her rump, the black-spotted white rabbit so clearly enjoying herself as she indulged on the sweet fruits that she knew for certain Everyn never had. The red fruits that grew in her homeland were in the many thorny brambles easily found all throughout the kingdom and looked like a cluster of bubbles. Raspberries, they were called. But these! What were these?! Probably her new favorite treat, that much she knew at least. Stretching out her small form, she hops a small bunny-length forward where glittering dark eyes catch sight of maybe the biggest fruit that she’d found yet, thankful for the shade of the trees towering far above her as she continues to forage through the berry patch that seemed so surprisingly untouched despite growing mere metered from the trees and into the open meadow. Though the femme in her rabbit form is thoroughly enamored with her discovery thus far into the day, she is not foolish. It can be seen in the way that she stops her nibbling frequently to survey the world around her, every sharpened sense feeling for any potential threats (or adventures).

She’s been in close situations before. And, just like before, she would be ready.

. . . . you'll find me where the wilds things are . . . .