be as strong as the seas are stormy {kirrynth}

Nomad - 19 years
Played by LixyLime

The shadows cast by countless conifers grow ever longer as the evening draws on, nearly swallowing the forest in darkness before the sun has fully set behind jagged, majestic peaks in the far-off distance that does not call to the wildflower woman this evening, the sky painted a beautiful fusion of golds and pinks only visible where the bodies of the trees and the canopies would allow. On such a clear day, it was almost surprising to find Fable treading through the trees rather than soaring above them. Often, she found herself drawn to the world of cumulus and endless sky, though one would surely expect such a desire from her kind. There was a passion behind baby blue eyes for racing alongside the wind or even dancing with the stars in their own realm amidst a blue-black sky. After all, if it was not for their love of the heavens and the strong currents that pushes lazy clouds across the vast blue yonder and brought forth the many weather changes, why would the gods have ever considered to give a pegasus wings? It would be such a cruel thing to do, giving a creature whose heart was as wild and spirited as the very zephyrs that breathed life into the world large, feathered wings and yet refuse them the gift of flight. The mere thought of such an atrocity could almost have the brindled woman shuddering in her own skin. It would be like a world without color or a sun without warmth within its light. There was so very little that she would not sacrifice for the sake of feeling that freedom she found among the heavens. To feel the wind rushing through her thick and silken tresses of rich, dark cocoa and caramel, beneath each and every raven-colored feather upon her strong wings which carried her ever higher and ever further into the embrace of a world legend told her kind to come from… To know there wasn’t a place in this mortal existence that she couldn’t go… To be absolutely free

To Fable, there was nothing else in life like it.

However, while she does indeed hear that sweet and tempting call to take flight, it is her curiosity of what lay hidden in the depths of this forest which is stronger. And so, slender dancer’s limbs carry her through the trees whose rich scents fill quivering nostrils. Bright baby blues sweep over the slowly shifting landscape as she moves onward without any destination. She admires the underbrush, some beautifully decorated with their various blossoms while others bore emerald leaves almost shaped like stars. It was curious to her how each different species could live among neighbors that were not always like themselves, and it often delighted her to see that they proudly wore their own appearance. They were not so easily changed or manipulated by those who surrounded them. In a way, they might remind the young, spirited woman of herself. She has always danced to the sound of her own drum, caring not for how the world would perceive her. She reveled in her individuality just as she passionately adored her freedom.”Do you ever wonder why leaves grow the way they do, Treska? Why they’re not all the same shape?”, she asks aloud to the freinn dragon draped contentedly across her back, running her long, pink tongue over the fur upon her chest. Elongated ears twitch at the winged femme’s question, glowing eyes not even bothering to look from her grooming, long and tufted tail flicking. No. Why would I bother my own mind with such a question? The gods made things how they wanted, and that’s all I care to know, Treska’s voice echoes within Fable’s mind, a verbal shrug to her idle intrigue.”Well, then if I ever meet a god, I guess I’ll just have to ask them”, the femme replies impishly, unable to keep a note of lilted laughter from trickling past her painted lips. Yes, she knew that it was very much a ridiculous thing to muse, but she couldn’t resist the temptation to pester her less than patient and soft yet tolerant companion. You’d do well not to ask anyone else, or else they’ll think you’re absolutely mad, the freinn replies pointedly, though she knows better than any other soul walking the mortal world that the pegasus wouldn’t care what a stranger thought.

It is when Fable notices the tree line thinning that she abandons her wonderings of those leaves and their shapes. Instead, her curiosities are caught in the sound of gently flowing water. A river! Her leisurely walk changes to a smooth and nearly effortless trot as she moves along a narrow path through the foliage likely created by the wildlife which resided here. Suddenly, she breaks from the shelter of the trees only to find herself upon a dusty trail, and beside it, a wide river winding through the forest, reflecting almost perfectly the radiant hues of the cloudless sunset above. How merry it sounded, with it’s soft trickling as it moves around rocks and fallen trees so effortlessly alongside the symphony of rustling branches and cricket chirps filling the otherwise quiet forest! How the young woman loved the water almost as much as she did the sky… Turning her refined head first to the right, and then the left, she observes that the trail just seems to stretch on and on in both directions for a time before disappearing behind a bend in the earth, leading it somewhere beyond the trees.”I wonder where it leads to”, she muses softly to herself, Treska’s own head tilting to betray the sense of curiosity she also holds for this new world, though between the two companions, it was she who was more cautious. Perhaps that’s a venture for morning? Who knows what might be out here when the sun vanishes, she whispers within Fable’s mind. And yet, she already knows what the femme has decided. The pegasus turns her lithe frame, baby blues gazing upstream, a curious smile dancing upon her lips now.”Come on, Treska. Where’s your sense of adventure?”, she replies in playful dismissiveness. She begins to follow the trail, as bold and brave as she’s always been.

She had to know where the water went, where it would take her. And so, she follows alongside it. Come what may. 

. . . . you'll find me where the wilds things are . . . .