|PRIVATE| it's not so bad alone [valda]

- 10
Played by Sam

She remembers the desert from the stories her grandmother told in the brief time Mina had known her, and the stories her mother had that had been passed on. ‘You are a Donieta by birthright,’ she had said to the twins that day. ‘Never forget that.’ So Mina has not, but why does she tremble there in the sand when she should be sweltering in the heat?

She was never her mother’s favorite, she had always known that. Mina has always been in the shadows of her brothers and sisters, especially Tarian. Darling Tarian, Kalina’s shield, the first born son. There was always a jealous fondness that only siblings can harbor when Mina looked to her eldest brother.

Mina remembers she used to play a game with herself, running around after Tarian, whether he knew she was there or not, and she would try to stand in only the hoof prints he left behind. Now, this was quite the feat for a little thing like Mina, she, after all had inherited her grandmother’s small stature and birdlike bones. It was a game of jumping and of falling as she hopped from one to the next. Who would have guessed she would have followed in Tarian’s steps all the way to Liridon.

They are kindred spirits, in a way, those who are about to meet.
And, in another life, Mina could have ended up like Valda if she had been born and raised on the desert sand.

The wind around her stirs. It is an unnatural air movement, it was caused by the dark little filly with those brown eyes. As it touches against her tail, brushes against her forelock, she wonders what Maren must feel, if there was something peaceful about dissolving into the air, becoming nothing for a time. Being nothing was easy. It was quiet and calm and still as the grave, and so wickedly tempting. If she could just become nothing.

A little more than a yearling, Mina leaves small hoof prints in the sand as she enters the desert. She is…comforted here, in a way, in the dying sun. Maybe it is in her blood, or maybe it is the vastness of the dunes out before her that stretch for miles, that makes her feel insignificant and the sting of death hurt a little less. Mina isn't sure, but she feels more at ease all the same.

It is when the sand begins to get more deep and Mina feels her legs beginning to tire that she finally halts her voyage in the desert, into the lands of the fierce, fierce Donietas she had heard tales of growing up. She breathes heavy with effort, wondering if maybe she sits in the sands long enough, she might become a fierce, fierce Donieta too.

mina; malachi x kalina; twin to maren
been holding my breath and counting to ten
find someone that loves you better than I do

Citizen of Donieta - 35
Played by Collie

Someone new had come to the desert.

At first she thinks it is nothing more than a mirage, surely no one has really wandered as far as her inhospitable amazonian home? But the longer Valda stares at the figure, nothing more than a hazy blur along the horizon, the more she is sure she is not dreaming. There really is someone new in the desert, and for a moment Valda's heart sores.

She draws herself closer golden eyes never leaving the figure. As she closes the distance between the two of them she can see that whoever this stranger is that they are young - very young, Valda wonders if they are even old enough to be away from their family. But she had spent almost an abnormal amount of time by her mother's side, clinging to Aine because she had nothing else. It was far more normal to separate from your parents and to stay with them.

Still Valda can't help but frown as she watches the child struggle to move across the sand, by the looks of it her legs were getting tired. When the child stops, presumably tired of trying to walk through sinking shifting sands, Valda finally decides to approach. "It's quite tiring isn't it? Traversing the sand." Valda says, coming to a stop near the girl and offering her a gentle look.  "Once you've caught your breath I can show you somewhere a little more hospitable to rest, if you'd like." 

the iron princess of the donietas