|OPEN| Valhalla

- Immortal
Played by Second Chances
Ivar had no idea as to where he has washed up at. He woke up on the sandy shores of these unknown lands. He stood carefully and let out a sigh thanking the gods that nothing was broken. He let his legs carry him throughout the lands. The roan boy let out a sigh as he searched for his loved ones. He called out for his beloved wife in hopes that she had survived the crash. His leg brace clanked with each step he took and felt like it took him forever to reach a small distance. He continued to search for his people and sighed loudly. Cursing under his breath he felt helpless in trying to find those he loved. He turned his attention back to the land and decided to take in all of its scenery. Maybe he will find some new friends and clan members while in these lands. He hoped that his wife wasn't dead or angry at him. The fifteen point three hand high stallion really didn't want to go on this journey alone but he didn't trust strangers at all. Ivar called out again in hopes of grabbing someones attention. He began to wander the land again stopping every once in a while to rest his leg. He would need to shake out the sand out of his mane and tail later when he figures out where exactly he was. The male asked the gods if he would ever be able to participate in meeting with his clan or participate in raids again.
Played by Collie
With Machi by her side she had wandered, almost from one end of Liridon to the other - she had spent many months in the land that had once been the borders of the Jehonas, the ground still scorched and blackened from where the elementals had erased it from existence. Any newcomers that walked here wouldn't even know that it had existed. They wouldn't even be aware of the power the Voyd had wielded and the chaos he had wrought upon the world. Not aware of the wretched and rotten creatures that had followed the demon creature into battle - or the descendants that had remained in Liridon to do his bidding still.

Not aware that she waits in the shadows and plans her own special type of chaos. Not aware that darker plans churn within her mind. The elementals are busy with their loyal mortals, and she is busy trying to bring back the dead.

She eyes the strange stallion, hooves pressing into the sand, tracing the line of his muscular shoulders and wondering to herself how deep she'd have to bite to reach the bone. No, can't have those thoughts, not here - it was too early to start feasting. Next to her Machi shifts, she can tell the dragon wants to be let loose upon the horse in front of him - to run havoc across the beach. Xylieth turns a stern gaze to him, no, not yet.

Instead she picks her way towards the strange stallion and coos; "You're new here," a fact, simply stated, and she tilts her head curiously, headdress clanking atop her head.   "What brings you to Liridon?"
xylieth; daughter of deceit

- Immortal
Played by Second Chances
The blue roan male sighed at the thought of loosing his family and friends forever. He turned at the sound of hooves hitting the sand and took in the females appearance. He noticed the mare had a dragon companion. He turned to his own companion whom is a sun bear. He turned his attention back to the mare before him. Ivar smiled and said "Hello, I am looking for my wife and my clan. My ship had wrecked and I washed up on these land." He took a couple of steps towards the mare and noticed the way her companion watched him. He said "My name is Ivar the boneless but please just call me Ivar. This is my companion Igor. May I ask you for your name madame?" 
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