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Son of Ilir - 25
Played by Collie
  “Of course its okay,”  and if it wasn't then the elemental's would have to deal with it. God that thought made him sound like his father. Salem had to bite back a laugh; Entia would be proud. Salem had never particularly held the elementals in great esteem like some might. He could admit that they had power, great power, for they had created he and Cyrus in a way, they could destroy the world - but not heal it apparently. And they used the citizens of Liridon in their fight again the Voyd without any care of the consequences. Without any thought about who would loose what. It had been at the cost of Solis's life, and of Cyrus's.  Salem could not forgive them for that; not really.

He didn't supposes that they cared.
Even the kind ones had turned cruel.

He is relieved to know that It could emerge for long enough to make the journey, although in his head he has already planned the route they will take - one that still provided It with plenty of pockets of water should Mizumi need to return for one reason or another. He touches It once, gently on the shoulder before turning to lead the way. It isn't a long journey really, or maybe it just doesn't feel long as they converse as they talk. Eventually the woods either side of him begin to slope, upwards and onto the mountain sides, he pauses then to look from side to side.  “This is it,” he gestures in front of him, into the valley of the elements.   “It used to be a mountain but now...well Liridon has changed,” he could make a comment about how it was ironic, the elementals home high in the clouds had been lowered to their level. But he  knows that they may hear him, and he didn't want to sour anyone's mood.

Not if this was going to be Mizumi's first time meeting them; he want the water creature to have the best experience It could possibly have. Not that he thinks that Mizumi would be upset if It didn't. He sneaks a glance at Mizumi from under his forelock, does It even feel sad? Or hurt, or anger. Water is usually impartial, but usually water doesn't stand on four legs either. And it has already shown to experience curiosity.  “Hopefully one of them will already know we are here, and they will come to see what we want.” They were magical after all.
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- Darkness Elemental - Immortal
Played by Lee

Dark chest expanded as my lungs filled with the cool, crisp, evening air. Liridon finally stirred with life, after what seemed like centuries. I was no longer chained to the emptiness that seemed to envelop the island as we slumbered. Instead I was now free and could feel the life returning to Liridon. Those who crossed the shadows I could feel them their very presence as they stood within them. I knew it was no longer just us, the elementals, that called this place home. I'd already met one of the many faces that have come rushing back into this land, and to be honest it was.. exciting.

Rotating my large oval lobes listening to the distant footfalls, my curiosity clearly peaked at the sound. One, no two, someone's approaching the valley I could feel their presence as they wandered through the shadows. I wondered whether I should wander out to greet them, or wait where I was already resting in the shade out of the sun. I let the thought linger for a moment before I finally stood and stretched my half-feathered half-webbed appendages. It felt nice feeling the muscles finally getting to be worked since last night, but I slowly tucked them back into my dark sides as I wandered closer to where I'd sensed the pair.

It wasn't long before I'd heard one of them speak my oversized ears picking up the tones. A little further and my bright blue-green gaze found a frame dressed in blacks and reds with nice whites. The second frame was bound in cooler purples and blues with hints of warmth from the pinks. Quite an odd pair aren't they? I thought wordlessly. "Doesn't anyone ever wonder what I want?" I mused lightly the dark velvety lips turning up at the corners.

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Played by Emberling
Struggle is an illusion. The tide rises, the tide falls, but the sea is changeless.

Mizumi happily followed Salem, humming softly along the way and head swinging slightly, tail swaying like the gentle waves rolling back and forth. The sprite hadn't done much exploring yet, and not this far inland, having really only been spending time with Atlas and in the water to explore from a more natural perspective. So, it was no surprise that eyes were taking in everything possible, and as they approached the valley, all ears piqued in curiosity. It certainly was an interesting looking place, and there was definitely water running through it; if elemental creatures did live here and one was focused on water, it made sense. Mizumi would like to meet them, sure, but at this point, meeting anyone at all should be interesting enough.

Mizumi nods at Salem's words, and only a few moments later a new voice sounds within the structure, changing Salem's words around into its own question.

"Perhaps they do wonder, but if you don't ask, how would you know if they do?"- Mizumi's head cocks as eyes settle on the dark figure with the bright colours. The question is as innocent as any other the water creature has ever asked, though a glance is turned towards Salem briefly before going back to the darker figure; how many elements were there and which one was this?


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Son of Ilir - 25
Played by Collie
 He doesn't recognise the creature in front of him - although Salem is not stupid, he realises that this is one of the elementals. Which one though; none of them had ever looked like this before. There is a hint of a joke in his question and he wonders if it is maybe Ardon. No. Abaddon? Salem thinks that is more likely. It was not Pyrrus, and not Enki. The elemental of darkness then, in a form Salem had not seen before.

Not that he had had much to do with Abaddon in the first place, or any of the elementals for that matter, besides Ceibhfhionn. The water elemental had reached out to Salem in his moment of anguish and numbed his pain - she had numbed everything.

If not for her and Michael Salem might have broken entirely.

Salem pulls himself back to the present, just in time to hear Mizumi's resort to Abaddon's...jest. “What do you want?” he asks without really thinking, turning bright blue eyes back to the elemental of darkness.
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- Darkness Elemental - Immortal
Played by Lee

Dark lips curled at their corners while the striking blue-green gaze overlooked the, almost, ethereal water nymph. It looked as though she'd been painted - dipped in color and swirled about; The deeper hues of purples mixing in with the lighter hints of teal, I'd found it intriguing. Slit pupils shifted from the cool colors of the nymph to the fiery crimson of the other dressed in fine blacks, again a rather interesting suit. It seemed as though at first he'd been caught off guard, perhaps lost in thought? I wondered to myself as I watched his features change, bouncing around until it seemed he'd come to focus on the current situation that lay out before the duo I'd so casually stumbled upon.

"Such an innocent question my dear." I spoke directing a glance at the nymph. I see she's yet to see the dark that hides within the light, I thought to myself for a moment. It was only a fleeting thought - but I'd pushed it from my mind. Instead resting the whole of my weight on a cocked hip lulling my cranium to the side. "What do I want..." I spoke aloud letting the syllables roll off my tongue. I'd never been asked, and never really put too much thought behind it before. Though I suppose if I wanted a singular thing - a friend. Too cheesy?

A low rumble escaped from between my velvety dark lips in the form of a chuckle. "I suppose I don't quite know, as I'd never been asked before." I decided to respond evenly while returning my cranium back into its resting position. The jewels embedded in my horns clinking together - "The question is - what can I do for either of you?"

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