|OPEN| Homecoming

Wind Elemental - Immortal
Played by Nikkayla
It had been some time since the Wind Elemental had made her appearance here, in her home. She had been as the breeze was, invisible and hidden and watching but never partaking. Then it had come, and she swirled and danced upon hidden tendrils until she appeared at the foot of the great temple, just below the central rearing figure - the one she saw as her father. The temple, their home, she didn’t know where it had come from but it was theres. With a little smile, she turns her eyes and turns to look about the world.

She’d venture out, dancing into the world and touching everything, smelling and inhaling, walking hidden as a mortal, but for now she was everything she was supposed to be. The Wind Elemental stood, quite and her hair twisting although it was gently windswept. She turned her purple eyes to look out at the Valley.

This was her home, and no other place.

She sighed.

And was content.