|PRIVATE| Tell me a story (Salem)

- Immortal
Played by Thox

Months had come and gone since he had first walked into this land, meeting a new face who had been just as surprised about him, as he about the stranger. After explaining what he was, and why he had nine tails, they had spoken some more, before eventually parting ways. He hadn’t seen him since, but he had taken it on himself to explore as much of these lands as possible during these months, without stepping into any territory. He still didn’t know what he thought of it all, not fully, but he had begun to enjoy the surroundings, although this place was his favourite so far. It was just a beautiful place in general, and as a kitsune, he was drawn to beautiful places and things, and this wasn’t any exception.
Walking through the water of a little sidepool of the river, he gently sipped the water. His tails, all nine of them although they looked likes one long, fluffy tail right now, were dragging behind him in the water. His coat was a shimmering, perfect white, just as always, and the fur on his ears was speckled with little water drops, like he’d played in the water before drinking. Guilty. He was very much guilty to that.

For a moment, he just stood there, watching his surroundings, drops of water dripping from his muzzle before licking them clean. His ears clipped back and forth, listening to every little sound around him, hearing everything probably better than any other horse, simply because of their size. The water made so many sounds that his ears moved constantly, but he soon dropped his head again and sipped some more water, before starting to splash a little with his front hoof in the water, playing around a little again. He was honestly kind of bored, but he hadn’t met anyone he could talk to in weeks.
He didn’t even care that his coat was now scattered with glittering water drops, half of him was wet by now, but it wasn’t something his powers couldn’t take care of later anyways. He started to think a bit about the past adventures he had had in his life, his travels here, and how he couldn’t really remember when he had been born. The meeting with that stranger had made him start to think more about such things, things that hadn’t been in his thoughts for many years now.

Son of Ilir - 25
Played by Collie
It had been a very odd thing - coming here with Mizumi to do nothing more than see the elementals. The idea of simply socializing with them was so...bizarre, although not unheard of. Still the entire ordeal had left Salem shaking his head, an action that had Tivus shuffling his wings and squawking indignantly at. Salem only sends him a small glance of apology before continuing on his way.

He intended to leave the Valley behind him, to return to Ilir to be alone - like it seemed he always was. Just him, his bird and the large forest by the sea. Somewhere among the trees Lucian lurked, and Entia too - he was sure of it. The lonesome trio that seemed cursed to haunt a forest of memories.

It was a sad existence, when you think about it. At least Entia had a girlfriend and a companion to keep him company. 

But Salem wouldn't end up returning to Ilir quite yet. Tivus leans to peck at his ears, and Salem lifts his head, drawing soft blue eyes upwards suddenly, and settling his gaze on a figure up ahead.

 “Ithilwen?” He asks, a soft whisper into the air - yes, he was sure of it. There was no mistaking the captivating long tails that the kitsune dragged behind him, and the soft ethereal way Ithilwen seemed to almost glow. Salem had been enraptured when he had first met the strange creature - less so now, it seems, the kitsune was not a stranger anymore, and the air of mystery was gone. Instead there was something else in Salem's heart - joy?

He was certain that the feeling was something positive, warm and fuzzy. Like he was recognizing a friend, or at least a familiar face. Usually the people he met just left, they did not reappear again. Except for Mizumi.

And now Ithilwen. How bizarre. Salem blinks back his confusion, and the sudden odd hope that maybe one day he'd run into Orani again too. That thought is squished as soon as it surfaces. Three friends might be asking for too much, Salem. You've only ever been alone.

He moves towards Ithilwen steadily, a smile growing on his face,  “It's good to see you again. I wasn't sure you were still in Liridon!”
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