|OPEN| fill the darkest night with a brilliant light

Nomad - Immortal
Played by LixyLime

Waves thunder and crash against the ocean shoreline, their voice familiar and foreign to dark ears all in the same fleeting moment. He is reminded of the booming roar of storm clouds illuminated by a white-hot streak of lightning as it races from the heavens and down to the earth below. In this wild phenomenon, the sky rumbles and shakes only a fraction of a second later. It was this sound, this powerful display of the gods as they seem to assault the world in fury, that the foam-crested water to his right side reminds the star stallion of. Reflexively, he casts his starlit gaze out to the horizon in search for thunder and the companion it chases so closely. He expects to see those bright flashing lights and waits feel the night sky quake beneath his hooves. Even as a colt, he remembers this feeling. At first, as with most all children, it frightened him. However, when his older brothers and sisters reassured him with their closeness as they surrounded him (as they always did), he came to admire the storms and the sensations they brought. He was mystified by their power, wondered how the mortals so far below him saw it all. As he has always done when he'd been young, Rasalas pauses to feel the roar of the sky... but it doesn't come to him, because it can't. Not anymore.

Now, he finds himself in the very world that he has always looked down upon from his place in the night sky. Now, as he stands there so very still upon the soaked grains of the beach, all he feels is the crashing of foam-crested water against solid ground. It was so much softer than the rolling thunder across the heavens that he was used to after all these years, even though their voices were startlingly similar. He feels so... out of place here. And yet, there is no fear etched into his features as the star stallion looks out to the horizon that seemed to stretch out as far as the glittering night sky he stood beneath for the very first time. Maybe, for others thousands upon thousands of mile away from their home and family, there should have been fear or sadness of some kind to be found there upon the his face. Perhaps knowing that he would likely never be able to rejoin his brother and sisters should have broken the heart that beat within his broad and powerful chest. Chances were he would never be able to race alongside them as they all lit up the celestial world they'd been born into. Yes, there is a small tinge of grief as he begins to fully understand his new reality, what he has given up to be where he was now. However, that doesn't mean that he regrets the choice he had made - not in the least.

There was a reason that he was here. A reason that he has traded his birthplace for a world that he has only watched from the starscape far above this strange yet breathtaking and captivating realm. It, or rather she is what has the star stallion standing there where land and sea collided with one another during the witching hour, only just out of the ocean's reach. Looking away now from the horizon as far as his eyes could see on this clear night, a full moon bathing the earth in her sterling aura as his family shone brightly above as if to light his way, Rasalas searches for his younger sister, Meissa. He had searched for her in their home, asked their siblings if they had seen the dreamy maiden or her companion, Tauri. He cannot recall just how long he'd searched for her. That was the strange thing about the differences between their world and this one... But, when he did find her at last, he'd found her in the very last place he would have expected to. The mortal world. Just as Rasalas had wondered what the world beneath them was like, so had Meissa. And yet, somehow, she had fallen from their home in the sky and down to the very world they'd talked wistfully about so many nights as they watched it change with the passing of time, leaving them more wonder-struck than before.

Relief. That had been the first feeling to find the him then. Perhaps it might seem somewhat silly, considering that there were no predators where they came from. The dangers were, well, black holes. That was it. They were infamous for tearing apart stars, and that had been one reason too many for Rasalas to not worry about her. This wave of relief was short-lived, though, when he realized that she was missing her brothers and sisters shining brightly above her. It had very nearly broken the star stallion's heart, seeing the melancholy in her own softly glowing gaze. And so, Rasalas had begged for the gods to send him to her so that she wouldn't need to be alone any longer. That is why he is here, and he is determined to find her. He moves, obsidians striking against the sand as his limbs begin to carry him at a smooth walk, the salty night breeze tousling long, sable locks as he makes his way further down the beach, moving parallel to the ocean waves to his right, his star-flecked skin glittering as the stars above did. Everything looked so much smaller in the night sky...So, now, all he has to do is figure out exactly where she was. He doesn't know how he will accomplish this other than starting here upon the edge of the realm she'd fallen to and scouring every part of it.

And so, he walks on,  taking in this world around him with wonderment as he ventures further. 

.R A S A L A S  .  L E O N I S.