|OPEN| cathedral of the breastbone

No rank - Adult
Played by Sabrina

The days run together in a blur of broken images. Long moments of time are lost to delirium. Flashes of faces Rienzi can't quite recall bubble to the surface. Pain is all he remembers.

As his pain fades, his stomach fills, and his thirst is quenched, the world around him drifts in and out of clarity. His first evening fully aware finds him walking a beach. Nothing smells familiar about this ocean air or feels familiar about the sand shifting beneath his hooves. Where is he? Where did he come from? The stallion doesn't know the answers to the simplest questions.

He looks out over the sea. Waves roll in, calm and soothing. The sun, low on the horizon, paints the sky in artful streaks of purple and red. A salty breeze lifts his ginger mane from neck. He closes his eyes and breathes deep. He looks for answers in the dark behind his eyelids but all he has remains a puzzle.

A few easy steps forward and the stallion savors the feel of cool ocean waters caressing his tired fetlocks. A tufted tail swings lazily from flank to flank. The dizzying array of stripes marking his shoulders light up in low light of the evening. A long, curved horn is silhouetted with the shape of what otherwise might be a normal horse. He stands, finding comfort for the first time in weeks, but he is powerless. He walks in a world of powerful creatures with nothing to defend himself but horn on his head and the hooves on which he stands. But none of that scares him as much as his inability to remember.

Young Adult, 16.2 hh, Unicorn, Stallion, Sabrina

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