|OPEN| cathedral of the breastbone

Son of Ilir - 25
Played by Collie
Salem followed the shoreline all the way from Ilir to the beach, the journey wasn't a long one, although by the time he steps hoof on the sandy shoreline Salem is sure he had been wandering for hours. He is surprised he hadn't hurt himself, he had been absent from his own head most of the time - lost in the land of thought and completely unaware of his surroundings. Tivus must have been looking out for him. He can only just spot his companion - wings spread soaring in and out of the clouds overhead. 

He shuts his eyes, allowing the breeze that ruffled at his mane to sooth cool against his skin - a kiss of relief from his journey.

"There is someone on the beach,"
“So, lots of people come to the beach,” Salem replies, cracking an eye open to watch Tivus land on the strongest branch of a near by shrub. But despite his dismissive comment he finds himself turning his head to glance towards the figure. It wasn't anyone he knew, and Salem isn't sure why but he is disappointed. He was mildly hoping it would be Mizumi, or Orani.

It was a stallion, one that Salem hadn't seen before. Salem shrugs and closes his eyes again. “Let me know if he gets any closer,” Salem says with a sigh, and then fully intended to go back to whatever day dream he had been lost in. Except Tivus speaks again, a comment that makes him shift a little straighter, "He looks so lost" . Salem turns completely towards the horned stallion then, using his warg to see the stallion through Tivus's eyes, the bird was right, there was a somberness to the stranger that makes Salem's heart lurch a little. He wants to tell his companion that lots of people are lost, especially coming to Liridon.

Instead Salem finds himself moving towards the unicorn. He wasn't really sure what he was going to say - how many times can he welcome someone to his country before it started to sound stale, like an overplayed record screeching with each turn.  “You look....well, confused?” not quite, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

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