kicking it alone... or not.

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Played by Emberling
Adahlen Mae
Daughter of Milly Mae & Suledin; Daughter of the Forest
Was it actually possible to suffocate in entirely open air? Adahlen certainly felt that way. With her family travelling so much lately, just being around them was exhausting even though she barely interacted with them. She was still upset and very annoyed - angry was probably getting close - at her father for the loss of Vallas. She hadn't felt right since he was gone. Though she had been given a small flicker of hope when they'd come through the last portal and Asala had whispered to her that she once again could feel the eagle's presence, it was next to nothing to go on and Adahlen remained bitter.

So, feeling suffocated by just being near her family - despite being somewhat pleased to see Nylah and his family again - she decided to go off on her own. She knew her father would always be able to find her by listening to the whisperings of spirits, and whilst she hated the idea, deep down she was glad for it; not that she was going to admit that, ever.

"I said, oi!"
"Gara'laim. Vara ara'lan'u."
"... Say what?"

So engrossed in absolutely nothing at all and merely looking at the ground before her feet as she walked, Adahlen tried to ignore the pesky voice that came from above. She didn't recognise it and, in all honesty, didn't want the company right now. She wanted to be left alone to wallow in whatever it was she was even feeling right now.

But no. She felt whoever the voice belong to land on her, specifically in her branches. With a snarl of irritation, she gave a toss of her head and shoulders vigorously for a few moments, hearing whatever it was shout out as it tried to hold on.

"S-s-sto-o-op w-w-woul-d ya-aaa-aaah!"

With an irritated frown at the creature's stubbornness, she stopped quickly and lowered her head down, flinging whatever it was forwards from the branches growing from her shoulders; the idea was the fling it off entirely, but it was quick to react and grabbed hold of the branches around her head and as a result, its small body hit her right in the face.

"Get off me and leave me alone!"
"Oh hey, you do speak normally then huh."

She'd never seen this exact creature before but had certainly seen ones similar. It was a monkey. It held onto her branch crown with its little black hands and grinned at her with its little white face. She glared at it and gave a sudden jarring shake of her head and it slipped loose, landing on the ground with a thud and a small

"That wasn't very nice." the little monkey whimpered as he rubbed his behind, pouting up at Adahlen as she gave him a snort and began to walk away from him. "H-hey, wait up! You're new here, ain't ya? Well, I mean, I ain't ever see anything like you before. Ok, no, not true. I've seen horses. I just mean, I ain't see one with a forest growing out of it." He scampered after her as quick as he could, though this time he dared not risk climbing onto her, so, he moved up to walk by her front legs.

"I said to leave me alone. Are you deaf or something? Delltash..." She muttered the last word under her breath as she looked away from the little creature, but he most certainly heard her as the rest of what she'd said definitely fell on deaf ears as he chose what he wanted to hear. "That's not a word. Nor is what ya said earlier. What funny language you speaking, huh?" Her ears flicked back and she turned to snarl at him in irritation, but he wasn't at all intimidated. Rather, he grinned.

"That's ok if you don't wanna tell me yet. I can respect that."
"Ch'yeah... Like you know what respect even means."
"Oho-ohh! Feisty. Yep, you're definitely my type!"

This was not what she wanted right now. She wanted to be alone, damnit, why couldn't the world give her that!

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