|OPEN| you're such a hot mess

- 50
Played by Collie

Lucian is restless, his shoulders are tense and his skin shivers every time the cool sea breeze rustles its way through the leaves of Ilirs salt-brushed forest. Its not entirely unusual for Lucian to feel like this, he has felt more and more unsettled as time went on, frustrated at his ability to do very little about it. Red tipped ears flick back and forth on his head, despite the fact that his eyes are trailed on the ground, lips moving rhythmically to pluck at a few singular grass strands. He lifts a hoof, lowers it again, turns his head to the side to spare a glance at the surprisingly still and calm figure of his son, his expression almost sulky. How come Salem is not as put out as he is - why is Salem so collected, so unaffected by this stupid lack of...well anything at all really.

Salem's eyes are focused on the treeline, although Lucian can tell that his attention is really far far away - there is a glaze across his bright baby blues. 

Lucian humfs grumpily. Where did that blue even come from? So beautiful and inviting, even as a kid they had softens Salem's otherwise unfriednyl manner to the point where people almost believed they could be friends with him; Lucian's sharp yellow cat eyes had never had such an effect, maybe it was the wicked glint in them that put people off. Did his father have blue eyes? Lucian couldn't really recall, but so much of Salem seemed to throw back to Phantom that Lucian wouldn't have been surprised at all.

"You're staring," Salem's voice interrupted Lucian's thoughts, what had intend to be a quick glare had turned into a longer more meaningful stare, as Lucian had lost himself in his thoughts.

“Just wondering if your 'stick in the mud' attitude comes from my side of the family, or Entia's,” he shot back, lifting his head and turning to face Salem entirely. Salem lets out a sigh, but doesn't really respond to Lucian's teasing, it was something he had heard a thousand times before, and knew better than to retaliate.  "You're just bored, go find something to do. Honestly you're like a child sometimes," Salem resorts, with very little venom in his tone, before turning his attention back to the treeline and sinking back into whatever little fantasy's he had been daydreaming about before.

Lucian pouts, then chews his lips thoughtfully. Salem was right, nothing was going to appear in front of him if all he did was stand around here, and his son wasn't offering up any exciting conversation at the moment. He turned to leave the little meadow with a casual: “later sport!” thrown over his shoulder. Maybe he'd find something new in Ilir he hadn't seen before if he just looked hard enough (not possible Lucian knew his place like the back of, hoof?).

Maybe he'd run into someone new too, and suddenly his boredom would be cured and Lucian wouldn't feel so utterly lost anymore.