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- 20 Years
Played by siat-s
The whisper sent the skinny creature over the edge. An explosion of nervous energy combusted inside her, her hind legs kicking out in fright as her head shot up high, the antlers adorning her head pale in the night light. A snort left her as she hopped away like some kind of awkward bird trying to find purchase in a dead wind. She settles a few feet away, feathers positively ruffled had she had any--her nose drinking in the salty air greedily as she decided the same-horned mare was not the threat she had expected.

What do you see?

Nothing and everything all at once; she knew it was there, just barely out of reach, hidden in her peripheral vision. A nervous sweat had formed along her neck, accentuating the vertebrae that lined her spine. Still, there was no shame in her fear.

“You don’t need to see it to know it is there,’ she answered, her tone grave. Her curled ears poke forward, eyes watery and glittering beneath the forelock that hid the stark bone-white marking on her face.

“Are you telling it to leave,’ she asked, whatever innocence in the question lost in the demand that it was. Wendigo doubted anyone’s ability to force the creature away, but anyone willing to try was a damn sight more courageous than her. And bravery was to be encouraged, not hindered.

never wake; never wake from this coma.

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