|OPEN| What is fire to the sun god?

- 26
Played by Russell
when the weather runs dry and the sun sets on our souls
we run into the great divide holding hands
She slept for too long.

In the belly of the mountains, tucked away in the stones, her blood ran cold, and she slept. Weeks, months, years. She did not know how long she had slept, but when she awoke- on one particularly sunny, warm day- she stretched her creaky body, and felt refreshed. Leaning into the warmth, she is slow to start. Her smooth, scaled lips aching and dry, her tongue flicking about her mouth and tasting for any moisture.

Water first. Her lifeblood.

The mountains were ripe with food and water, and she found the delicate little creek quickly. The water was cold, and it awoke her more.

Finally, tail flicking, muscles groaning, and head spinning, she is ready. Descending the mountain is easy, and she can move quickly. Her sleepy bones find their rhythm quickly, her great long tail flagging violently behind her as she maintains her balance.

The sands called to her, and it did not take her long.

Under the shadow of night, she found the desert. It was cool, and it made her ache, but the sand felt good under her hooves. Testing the ground, Namtar shifts her weight into the sand. It shirks from her weight, and she almost smiles. This is where she belongs- kingdom of sand and sun. Her god slept now, hidden away behind the mountains, but no doubt he would be glad for her return.

Even Shahiit had beat her here, sensing her return, he slithers through the sparse grasses, flicking his tongue and tasting the air for her. “You’re back.” His voice rings true in her mind, and Namtar truly feels home. Leaning down, her dark lips brush against his black scales, and the two of them relish the loving touch. The snake-woman only has love for her dark companion- everyone else be damned. “I slept.” She tells him softly, pulling her brown head away from him as he curls about her leg, gripping at her skin and hugging her as only a reptile can.

As her slitted eyes watch the dark creature, she can feel eyes upon her that do not belong to Shahiit. There is someone lurking, someone watching. For now, she is weak and content- but she knows.
Citizen of Donieta - 35
Played by Collie

The lurking eyes belong to Valda, she watches the stranger with a mixture of excitement and curiosity that bubbles unnaturally in her chest. There hasn't been anyone new in the desert since Mina had wandered in and Valda had begun to think that no one loved the dangerous sand kingdom anymore. It had always been a formidable place, its beauty (which Valda would alway shold dear) was not seen as immediately as the seaside cliffs in Ilir, or in Dalmat's deep forest. In was a hard beauty, an untameable beauty, reminiscent of the women that used to rule it.

 But there were still some that seemed drawn to the heat.

Her eyes flicker down towards the snake at the woman's feet, and Valda ponders at how alike they are, these two strangers were made to be part of the sand and sun, more than Valda herself even was. 

"Not many people come to the desert anymore," Valda states softly, although she doesn't go as far as asking the stranger why she was here. The mare would either offer that information or not, and Valda wasn't going to push her. She was happy to see someone, anyone still venturing this far, and especially someone that seemed so content to be here.

"I am Valda."   Is the only other thing she offers, her name - the only thing she could claim really. She is Valda, and she is only a Donieta because the desert had not deemed her unworthy yet.

the iron princess of the donietas