May it be

Citizen of Donieta - 35
Played by Collie

She leaves the desert behind her, a sweet brief farewell to the sands that hold her heart, a whispered promise to return.

At first she intends to wander towards the beach, swapping her hot sands for salty ones, but as Valda travels she is distracted, and before she can even guess why she is moving away from the beach and towards something even more exciting than strangers and brief conversations.

She had never seen a place like this before, with its waterfalls and old buildings carved into the face of the mountain itself. Something about it was ethereal, beautiful in a way that Valda had never seen before.

She can't quite put her hoof on what it is that draws her in, but before she can make any sense of it she is wandering around old moss covered statues and large cascading falls, letting the misting water splash cool against her coat. Valda has always loved the desert, its harsh unforgiving environment bred strong women, but in this moment Valda wonders if she has managed to find paradise itself.

the iron princess of the donietas

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