|OPEN| A prick of blood, a raven's feather.

- Immortal
Played by Russell
A nook, tucked away into the edges of the lake.

Sweeping willows, a cavernous root system. Critters, that lounge about, skittering and nibbling, gnawing with their little rat teeth. Like home, if a little clean. For now, it would do. Gran Bede has found it, looming crookedly over the sweet, soft willows, her dark, scarred bark blending into the scenery.

Sweeping, bowing, she clears the earth with effortless brushes of her branches, sweeping away the grass and the dirt, sprinkling leaves and twigs in the centre of the clearing.

A fire. Perfect.

The scrabbling scraping of hooves and bone against wood, and the witch has managed to create a small flame, a spark that feasts upon the dried leaves and chews at the twigs and branches. “Ou te fè byen, Bede.” A cracked voice, lilting through the slowly growing shadows of the sunset. The only answer is a dulcet groan of the trees, wood leaning against an unfelt breeze as the great mangrove tree swoops down low, dangling her leaves tantalizing over the flames, feeling the heat for a moment or two before she leans away.

Forever watched by dark, dark eyes that peer up through sun-bleached bones.

Crouching over the flames, the antlered creature assesses the situation, knowing that this little haven is temporary. So temporary. “Sa a pral fè pou kounye a.” Croaking like a frog, hissing words into the small smoke stack, a voice that cuts into the quickly feeling darkness. Only the soft, glow of witch-fire visible along the edge of the lake, the earth beneath her hooves soggy and squelching as she begins to dance.

Hair flowing, twisting and knotting against her scarred green flesh, a blanket of sweat clinging to her flesh. Like an ethereal being, her body no longer her body, her bones gnarled and knotted. “Dife ak pousyè tè, latè ak dlo.” A great wail, a shriek that echoes across the still water. A scream, her words seizing her body- frozen in place, suddenly still. Eyes closed, nose bleeding- the forest comes to life. Vines crawling up from the soggy dirt, reaching green fingers towards her, encircling her camp, knitting together to create a hovel. Hissing, moaning, crying, Tauthe is fixed to her spot. Muttering, whispering, she trembles and shakes, blood dripping blackly from her nose.

In a moment, she collapses, a heap of black and white hair piled upon a green body, crumbled next to the fire as the vines create a bubble around her. A home, a temporary home.

No doubt her screams and wails attracted the attention of others.

Gran Bede twists her wooden body and spreads the fingers of her tree-hands, placing them across the roof of the vine-hut.

"speech" | "spells"
- Ageless
Played by Nikkayla
The sound grabbed hold of her, seized every fibre that she was made of. It was unearthly, it was like that of another world and Cora’s head had lifted. Her golden gaze, so changed from when she had been young, had turned and she searched. Her scales and horns shone and appeared like ice, as the seemingly frail but agile kirin figure twisted on the spot and moved from where she had been standing for far too long.

She felt like she would crack and come apart, but that was soon forgotten as she beheld the sight of the wailing woman.

She who dripped tar from nostrils and lay, seemingly spent, beside a fire. The heat almost repelled her at first but she drew upon the strength of her core, filling it to the brim and ice grew across her like a shield, coating her skin and so she glittered in the light as she slid close.

Cora nosed forward, abandoning her concern, looking over the sight before her.

“That was something... different,” she muses, speaking to the woman. There was a familiarity to her, something that Cora saw and craved, wanting it for herself.

A power, unlike her own.

Cora wanted to know, and she looked up and about at the marvel of vine and greenery, though always ready to fend Death from touching her. She was his and he was hers, but she was not ready to go with him.

And she waits, curiosity bright in her eyes.

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