|OPEN| we will rise again

Wind Elemental - Immortal
Played by Nikkayla
In the valley she remains, standing tall and rather than hiding herself, she is free from the shackles of the mortal form she often roamed in, and free to be with the wind. It came through their valley, roaring up the middle and raging around their glorious home - the heart of Liridon, where their essence was held. The bright purple light of the basin of her altar washed over her, but she turned from it with a sigh.

And she faced the wind, feeling it as it wove through her hair. It was her wind, her gale that rattled the very walls, and Kaze was content. She wanted Liridon to feel her presence, wanted them to know she was here.

She had been peaceful, and wild.

Now she was herself, bright purple fire wielded by the sun and the sky, as the heat of the very earth beneath rose and circled about them.

She couldn’t help but give a smile. A smile that was all hers, and hers alone.

It didn’t matter to her how Liridon went, what the world became here. This was her home, and always would be. She was bound to it, just as her brethren were. Just as many who walked above were.

Even those who walked below, the demon who they had quelled, who was angry in his entrapment in his land.

Kaze was happy enough, but she made her own noise here.

It was easy enough to do.

And perhaps, she wasn’t as alone as she thought, in this moment...