|OPEN| The iron princess

Citizen of Donieta - 35
Played by Collie
The desert is beautiful, like it always had been, rugged and wild - desolate but extreme in its appeal. But it is also empty, empty in the way that it looks but also in the way that it feels. It is empty without Aine there by her side, the constant stormy presence of her mother was as natural as the sand in the desert and Valda feels her absence heartbreaking - and simultaneously a relief. She loved her mother, but Aine was hard to get along with, the Donietas may flourish without her over-bearing ideals. Valda  feels guilty thinking so.

Aine would defend this kingdom down to her last breath, but she would also not allow it to grow and change. Her love for the rolling sand kingdom would stifle its ability to expand like sand hills should. It had in the past. 

Valda is more open minded than her mother - she looks at the once all-female land and thinks that change could be a good thing. 

She places careful steps, navigating the sand hills with trained, well-practiced steps. She traverses the dangerous area of the desert with ease, until she comes across the sight she had learned to miss. The oasis that the old Donieta here used to call their home- their base of operations, now it stood empty. No Aine, none of Aine’s old friends. Just Valda, the desert princess, standing in an empty kingdom.

There is a sense of freedom, being here on her own. Valda has grown since she had last been here, she has shed the shackles of her old life, stepped out of her short mothers shadow. Valda breathes a sigh, but it is not tired. It is content, it is excited. It buzzes with potential. 

Electric Elemental - Immortal
Played by Tangi
i have more galaxies inside me than tragedies

The desert calls to her. This is nothing new; Rai had, for all of the immortal years she'd stood within Liridon, been drawn to the powerful thrum that lay just below the surface of the rolling sand dunes and the verdant oasis tucked discreetly within them. The years that she had spent formless, the very same that their beloved world lay empty of mortals, the molecules of her soul strewn through the air haphazardly had still yearned for the land that had long ago held the Donieta's tight to her bosom.

She returns to the sweeping hills with more affection than she had mustered for the Valley Zyanya. She will always go home to the shrine, whose magic calls to her and her elemental-siblings just the same, but it's the desert and its fiery sun that truly feels like home. She sinks with each step, though her movements are effortless despite the warm sand grasping lovingly at her hooves. She could disappear into a million microscopic pieces and fly freely to the central oasis should she so choose, but the desert of the Donietas deserves to be admired and savored with each step she takes to ascend the ridge of the sand dune upon which she travels.

Rai's obsidian body gleams beneath the gilded sunlight, an anti-beacon against the warmth of the sand beneath her. She revels in the heat that presses against her and in the breeze that carries the scent of sand and distant foliage. She remembers the path to the oasis just as easily as if she had visited yesterday, and it would seem she is not the only one to remember where to find the heart of the desert.

Her black eyes, speckled with golden flakes, fall onto the face of a beautiful bay woman who appears to gaze lovingly at the same oasis Rai had ached to see for so long. The electric elemental recognizes her. Valda, daughter of Aine.

She hums a quiet greeting to the other woman when she comes within a comfortable distance and then settles beside her. Rai's eyes watch Valda curiously; it had been years since they had both roamed these dunes, and even then the electrical elemental had taken a different mortal form. She would be unrecognizable.

"Hello, my friend," Her gilded eyes turn from the bay woman and back to the vibrant green oasis that rests before them. Her heart feels full. "The oasis is quite beautiful, yes?"

R a i
rai is currently presenting in her mortal form
[ @Valda ]

Citizen of Donieta - 35
Played by Collie
Valda is not as alone as she thought she was, although she doesn't immediately recognize the electric elemental that stands before her. Rai is not the same as she once had been, and Valda had only known the elementals by their stories, the tales that her mother had spun her as a child, whispered in the night as they had made their journey back to Liridon.

Aine had spoken of the elementals oddly, as if she simultaneously revered and hated them. Only now she is older does Valda know it is because Aine disliked the idea of their being gods; of higher beings that could look into your soul and know all of your sins. And Aine had many sins; more than Valda might ever know.

Valda had sins too, but she could not bring herself to be as ashamed of them as Aine had been, Valda would not hide them away.

It brings Valda great joy to see someone else here, enjoying this oasis - the desert her mother had loved and protected was not empty and abandoned after all. Valda returns the strangers greeting with a smile, “Yes it is; I am pleased to see it is still here and intact, it would be terrible for the desert to loose its life source”