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Well isn’t this a party!

It has been a long time since Lucian has last been here, stepping along the edge of Ilir’s border. He had left Salem on their arrival in Liridon, his son had gone to the beach - eager to go meet some new faces. He was bored of spending time with his dear old dad, Lucian couldn’t spare a moment for socialising. He needed to see his home, to see if Ilir’s ancient forest and wild rocky coast still stood as strong and magnificent as it once had. 

His father had been caretaker of this land, so had his friend, and in his own way Lucian had taken care of it as well. He was abnormally attached to this particular area of dirt. There were memories embedded into this soil, stories of love and loss and friendship - of family.  Experiences that had moulded Lucian into who he was today. 

Had he been matured by it? No, probably not.

There is a grin on his face when he finally steps into the forest of his past. A feeling of coming home after a long journey. This kingdom was his and he was Ilir’s, no matter how far he strayed he always wished to return. Eventually Salem would join him here, so would others and Lucian would have to share the home he loved so much. That would be okay - he had learned to share, to teach. Those who came to Ilir in the future would know it’s past, Lucian would make sure of that. He would teach its pst to the newcomers so they could teach it to the ones that come after them.

They would learn of its first king, Phantom, of its second, Michael, and of its third, Entia. They would learn of the people that works, sweat, blood and tears, to build this kingdom up. And they would learn of those that wished to tear it down. 

Yes, it was good to be home.

He is back bitches.


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Denizen of Ilir - Immortal
Played by Nikkayla
“And where the hell have you been?!” A voice from beyond! Wait no, just beyond the tree line was there it was coming from, as he drifted out with Seze in tow. The raptors head bobbed as she walked, and there was a small carcass of a young doe in her mouth. Entia gave her a look, eyes flashing, and Seze stopped in her tracks. She hissed loudly at the red and black clad figure waiting before them, but she stopped and eagerly ripped into her meal. Even Entia shuddered at the sight, but he carried on his long stepping walk towards him – Lucian, the one who he had not seen in what felt like a lifetime.

And he didn’t slow down either. Instead, he picked up more speed and ended up quite (lovingly) slamming into Lucian, and winding up a tangle of limbs as he sent the pair of them flying. It was a running glomp, as much as he was capable of doing that. Entia spent a bit of time not quite able to grip the ground beneath him and he wound up half sitting up instead, propped up beside Lucian as he gives him a wicked grin.

“Still got it,” he laughs. “I hope I didn’t bruise you too much princess,” he says in a false soft voice, although speaking to royalty or something alike this – and he grins all the more.

Seze ignores all this, crunching bones – but Entia was heedless, just overjoyed to see his best friend again.

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Played by Collie
Wait a minute, he would recognize that voice anywhere - Lucian perks upwards at Entia's delectable tones, and cannot stop the shit eating grin that stretches from ear to ear. Even when he saw Seze his smile didn't faulter. Of course Entia had a ginormous lizard following him around, one with sharp claws and....eating meat. Well he was always liked by the ladies - I guess reptiles weren't the exception. 

The two of them just go together. Its an undeniable fact of the universe. Peas in a pod. Mac and Cheese, salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly. Copy and paste...uh. You know. Things like that. Tiara's and sparkles - they go together like tiara's and sparkles do. From the moment they ventured off on their first assignment it had been obvious that Lucian and Entia were simply meant to be. Best friends forever, they're basically the reason friendship jewellery ever started being made. Name a better duo, I'll wait.  And even though they had been separated by both distance and time, it seemed natural - like fate - that they returned to Ilir at the same time.

“Oh come on baby don't be like th-” Lucian starts to coo, fixing his friend with the best puppy dog eyes he could, but Lucian doesn't get a chance to convince Entia to forgive him because one moment they are an appropriate distance apart, and the next he is being bowled over by the once-king of Ilir. Over they went, sprawling onto the ground in a manner not at all dignified but in that moment Lucian didn't seem to care. He only laughs.

“Dear god, you've grown big boy!” Lucian wheezed out gasps of laughter,  “Lemme up, you'll dent my crown.” Lucian pushes Entia's side and struggles up to his legs. He takes a moment to catch his breath, and it is in this moment he glances at Seze again, but she is content crunching her bones and Lucian figures that ther eis plenty of time to ask Entia why he's travelling with a dinosaur. But later, now is the time for friends.

He turns and headbutts Entia's shoulder, eyes shutting for a moment, pressing his skin again Entia's and letting it linger. “I am so glad you are here, I hoped- well...this place wouldn't be the same for me without you here.” Lucian moves away then, shaking his heads, “Okay, corny soppy greetings done, finished! What made you come back here?”

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Denizen of Ilir - Immortal
Played by Nikkayla
He didn’t even get to see the puppy eyes. Entia’s sudden flinging himself at the very being who was his best friend, even beyond that at times (they are a little married I mean really!) And then they are both a mix of limbs and hair, falling and flailing as Entia just laughs and the sounds of their voices and contentment spiralling upwards were a good way to drown out the unpleasant business that was Seze chowing down her meal.

“Never. I am never getting up again. We are going to stay here, like this, with my ass planted on you forever so I’m not separated from you again!” he says and he does put up a rather pathetic fight to keep Lucian down but ultimately, Entia loses. He flops to the ground dramatically, his head rolling to the ground as he stretches out in front of him and refuses to stand up. He looks up at Lucian with his one red eye, smirking.

“You know you still like it… and I don’t know really, what brought me here. Definitely was not those idiots who are responsible for killing our home time and time again,” he scoffs into the plants, as he rolls up but remains laying on the ground, looking up to Lucian.

“No where felt like home. There was not one place that didn’t bow to some invisible force and called it a god – why is it always a god, why can’t it just be something special – and I wanted to see Ilir again. So, here I am. Maybe I hoped it would still be on fire and finally the end and I might see Cyrus again,” and his voice cracks for a moment, his usual self seeming to melt away for a moment and revealing the fears that had been hidden away.

“And I missed you. I hope I’d find you here… and honestly, I can’t wait to introduce you to Naveen as well…” he says as he smiles again, mentioning the woman who had stolen quite the piece of his soul just as Inwe had once – how Namtar, Lucian and so many others were part of his family – he wanted to drag Naveen into it as well.

But… he’d just wanted to see Lucian again. So, he asks,

“Why are you here?”
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Played by Collie

There was such a satisfying sense of peace, standing there with Entia - back in the kingdom they had forged with their hands, not literally speaking. Even from the beginning, under Lucian's own father they had molded this place into something great, it was by their blood and sweat and tears that Ilir had grown. Theirs and Michael's, Inwe's, Tranquilisers, and many others - but it was Lucian and Entia who had been there through it all. “Wait a minute, Wait a minute, to which idiots are you referring?” Lucian laughs, “the godly ones or the former kingdom rulers? Cause they were all idiots, current company excluded...” Lucian pauses, fixes Entia with a sharp mischievous stare then adds, “Well, occasionally you are an idiot.”

He takes a moment, looking down at Entia carefully. They had all been affected by the actions of the elementals, the death of their son - Salem had reacted in the only way Salem had known how - anger and sorrow. Entia had forsaken their elemental overlords, his cynicism had doubled. Lucian had run away down a path of denial. He had never particularly loved any of his children anyway, they were like tiny little achievements that grew up into slightly larger achievements. But loosing one, and such a crown jewel, had been...well it had been heartbreaking, and before that Lucian would have hazarded a guess that he didn't even had a heart. He had been proved wrong.  “Perhaps things will be different this time, perhaps Pyrrus, Kaze and the lot have retired,” He suggests it with a shrug. Doubtful, those elementals were tied to this land by their very souls, by Sol himself. They almost belonged here more than Lucian and Entia did. Almost.

He listens quietly, sincerely, to Entia's rant and for a moment his heart breaks for his friend.

The end, to see Cyrus again, it isn't usual for them to venture into such soul-revealing territory. They were laughter and jokes and flirting. Entia and Lucian, they never took anything seriously, and whilst they had laughed and joked their way through life they had shared some truly terrible experiences together, and truly wonderful. Lucian reaches down to Entia, pushes softly against his cheek, “Stop that,” he mumbles. Don't you dare think that, ever. Lucian doesn't say it. Don't you dare think about leaving him.

Entia's moment rolls over, past like a storm, and Lucian takes a step back when he mentions Naveen. His eyes immediately are drawn away towards the scaled creature that is munching on its food near by, totally ignoring the two of them it seemed. “Oh, I bumped into Salem and together we decide to return. I guess I liked being a big fish in a small pond more than I thought. Oh, yeah...” he draws his eyes back to Entia, “Salem is here, I guess Ilir is a part of him too now. He can't get away either.” He grins at this, they'd be able to play happy families, how sweet.

“So uh, that her?” He gestures over his shoulder towards the dinosaur, “She seems...nice Entia. Definitely your type. I can imagine the sort of love bites she gives you,” Lucian chokes out laughter. How romantic.

Denizen of Ilir - Immortal
Played by Nikkayla
Ilir was, and always would be, theirs by some right. Some might call it divine but Entia called it hard won, fought with violence and terror and a ferocity he barely remembered. The true strength of the Elementals he had felt on that day in the land of the dead, when they had freed Liridon from the grasp of the darkness, had been unlike anything he had since experienced in life - and so, when Lucian inquires about which idiots all he can do is laugh.

Even if it was somewhat sardonic.

“All of them. Myself included, I guess,” he says with a wicked smile that reveals a little too much of his teeth.

And in his moment of weakness, Lucian doesn’t scoff or berate him. No, he drops his head and nudges at him and Entia feels the moment pass by and he finally takes a breath, and rises to his feet. He listens contentedly, and nods, “I look forward to seeing him then, I ran into him in Oblivion… its been a while, since I saw my wayward son,” he says with a little smile.

When Lucian asks if Seze was Naveen, Entia burst out laughing. Seze, having finished her food, came slinking over. She was low to the ground, claws extended out as a loud hiss escape from her throat and past her teeth as she creeps towards Lucian and seemed intent on perhaps, taking a bite out of his hide to show him just how good it was. Entia, too busy laughing, almost fell over again.

“Oh, I can’t wait to tell Naveen you thought that she was a raptor. It’s going to be fantastic! ‘Oh and Lucian asked if Seze was you - apparently my love bites are from you are reminiscent of her mouth!’ Classic, bro,” and with that, the true Entia was back.

Tears in his eyes, he took a shuddering breath as Seze prowled closer, dropping lower and clicking her scythe claw against the earth.

“No. Seze, this is Lucian. He’s not into the kind of bites I am. Lucy boy, this is Seze,” he says, introducing the raptor who gives a deep, guttural snarl but ceases her hunting. Instead she circles around the pair of them, head bobbing, watching them.

“I wonder sometimes if she imagines what we’d taste like...”

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Played by Collie

“He hasn't changed,” Lucian offers with a shrug.

He's wrong, as he often is these days, Salem has changed in small subtle ways that his father can't even comprehend. But they have all changed -  Entia had found more meaning in his life, in the form of a woman - no surprise there, Salem had come into himself, a grown lad now, and more of a man than Lucian could ever be. 

If Lucian could be proud then he would have been - Salem had never really taken after Lucian in any way though - he was more like Phantom, in some ways he was even more like Entia. Benjamin, now there was a lad that took after his father. Chaotic, a trouble maker, a blatant disregard for the rules, it was as if Lucian had been reborn again. 

Entia laughs, and Lucian can't tell if its at him or just at the situation. It's probably at him. Red eyes drift from Entia to the lizard thing and back again, and he shuffles his shoulders and rolls his eyes, “Well how the hell am I to know - you spew out names like I have any clue who these people are.” He nips at Entia's shoulder, although he quickly withdraws when the...raptor was it? walks towards the two of them. Yikes she is uncomfortably big. 

Of course Entia had to go find the biggest scariest pet that he could possibly find. It almost made Lucian jealous.

“Pleasure to meet you, Seze. I haven't had a bath in a while so I can confirm that I would taste awful,” He keeps half an eye on the circling raptor, and wonders quietly how Entia could actually spend time with her, or if he just didn't care that one day she may tear him to shreds. Was their bond really that deep? He knew that Salem had his own bonded creature - but that small white annoying bird that followed Salem around couldn't really tear his flesh off and devour it. Lucian does his best not to look at the corpse Seze had left behind, or the blood staining her teeth.

Delightful. Still....she'd be incredibly good in a fight.

But there was more important matters to discuss, most importantly: “Naveen then...” Lucian brings his attention back to Entia, “Can't wait to meet her.” There is a twinkle in his eyes - mischievous, because nothing ever changes, but gleeful. “She must be pretty impressive if she can put up with you. And blind cause she gotta stare at your ugly mug.”